Robert Terry “Bobby”

20 yrs – Smooth Barber

“He keeps wisdom and style on par level”


20 yrs – Renaissance barber

“Knows everything about all things, great conversationalist”


Courtney Rogers

20 yrs – Brother’s Keeper barber

“He’ll lead you in the right direction”


Justin Springfield

5 yrs – About My Business barber

“Once you in his book, it’s a serious deal”


Bryan Jones

2 yrs – Focused barber

“You won’t get out his chair unless it’s all good”!!


1 & ½ yrs – Accomplished barber

“He’ll accept compliments, but he accepted it before you said it”


5 yrs (Natural Hair Specialist) Loctician, shampoo and facial expert

“Polite and ready to show you her advanced skillset”

John Johnson

5 yrs – Earn Respect Barber

“If you’re cool,…. then John is even cooler, you can see it in his tapers”!